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Barry Siskind

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In this month’s edition of Exhibiting,, there was an interesting article titled Going greener on the Show Floor by Chris Emmerson. In the article there are lots of tips for both organizers as well as exhibitors looking to make changes that affect the environment.

In the same issue there was an announcement regarding the British Environment Agency who along with counterparts in Scotland and Northern Ireland are using Britynex International as a place to introduce the European REACH Legislation. The focus of this legislation is to encourage the replacement of extender oils, which are environmentally harmful, in the manufacture of new tires.

I have long believed that real change requires a multi-disciplined approach. I see the futility in asking exhibitors, for example, to green their display when organizers and facilities have not done their part. I also find it unreasonable for governments to legislate change and expect compliance without the face-to-face dialogue with industry leaders.

These two stories may represent the tip of a green iceberg that looks at the broader picture with includes all stakeholders.

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