Managing Sustainability – A key discussion at UFI’s 77th Congress

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Barry Siskind

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UFI’s 77th Congress is quickly approaching. One of the many highly-qualified speakers this year is Michael Luehrs, Sustainability Service Manager, MCI Group of Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Luehrs topic is “Managing Sustainability.”

The issue of sustainability has been hashed and rehashed in the exhibition industry where one side says that the exhibition industry as a whole does not have the power to produce meaningful change, while the other side professes that even small changes can create a large scale difference to our industry and the planet.

I asked Mr. Luehrs if the impact the exhibition industry can make is significant enough to warrant the investment.  In short his answer was an unqualified “yes”.

From a pure cost savings perspective, exhibitions and the facilities that house these events are known wasters of resources. Luehrs sees this as an area where our industry can score big wins.  Sustainability is more than an altruistic attempt to create a greener and friendlier planet. It is also about improving the corporate bottom line.  According to Luehrs, sustainability is just smart business.  Luehrs said, “The benefits to individual businesses alone justify the investment but these benefits pale when compared to what the industry could accomplish as a collective.”

Mr. Luehrs presentation will be one of the highlights of this year’s UFI congress.  While it might not quell the debate, it certainly has the ability to add fuel to the discussion.

Where do you stand? Is the issue of sustainability a “flavor of the month,” due to run its course and be replaced by something just as important and timely? Let’s talk.

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