Inequality in the exhibition industry

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Barry Siskind

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In spite of a general consensus that women should have the same rights as men, people in many countries still report that gender inequality persists.


The top five countries that scored nearly 100% on the question of their support for gender equality are United States, Britain, France, Germany and Spain.


In a recent survey by  Washington D.C. based  Pew Research Center titled, World Economic Forum 2010, Gender Equality Report, some interesting numbers were revealed.


Of specific interest was the response to the question, Who has a better life? France scored the lowest with 75% reporting it’s a man’s world and a mere 14% for women.


Where the numbers were almost equal for both genders included Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, China, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Argentina, Pakistan and Turkey.


The two countries who reported women have a better life are South Korea and Japan.


What does all this mean to the exhibition industry? If an industry such as ours is viewed as male dominated, this can have a devastating effect on our ability to find the next generation of qualified people wanting to join our industry. It may indicate the need for us to address the issue of equality to bring awareness to the issue and to positively address the situation and create appropriate plans.


Are there steps we can take to ensure that opportunities are available to everyone who is qualified and eager to participate?


Have you seen, heard or experienced gender bias on the job? What were the results?


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