What’s Private…really private?

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It has often been quoted that the data base is a fair organizer’s greatest asset. But, what if that data base is at threat and information you wanted to keep private is no longer secure?


As the world of electronics has become more sophisticated so have those who look for ways to break in and use, for their own needs, our precious data. During the past few years there have been countless stories of major retailers who have had their information hacked. Social media seem exceptionally vulnerable to the unconscionable eyes of these devious people who would take relatively innocent information and use for nefarious means.


In his recent posting, self-described hacker Nik Cubrilovik, writes that Facebook’s “Frictionless Sharing” feature which was designed to protect its friends and followers may make it so that “even when you’re logged out of Facebook, your browser is tracking every page you visit.”




If tech giants like Facebook haven’t mastered the issue of privacy, what can the rest of us hope to accomplish?


What steps are you taking to preserve the privacy of your data base?



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