AUMA predicts growth from German exhibitors

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Barry Siskind

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In a recent poll, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) found, 30 % of German exhibitors intended to invest more money in trade fairs, 55 % the same amount, and only 15 % to reduce their budgets.


This is indeed an encouraging finding. But the report went further when it examined the larger exhibitors, those whose turnover exceeds 50 million Euros and found that 38 % aimed to increase their trade fair budgets.


The report stated, “This is a clear sign of the continuing ability of trade fairs to attract exhibitors, in particular companies who are experienced users of this marketing instrument.”


In 2012 AUMA expects exhibitor and visitor numbers to increase somewhere in the 2% range.


This is good news for an industry that has been battered by acts of nature, economic unrest and a host of other problems that seem to directly impact our bottom line. As we enter 2012, its’ nice to hear some encouraging news.


Let’s hope this is the beginning of good news for our industry in the future.



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