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At the upcoming UFI Open Seminar in Asia, Dr Kempe, General Manager, Comexposium Shanghai, will address the audience with his presentation titled, Case Study: Cloning Exhibitions in Asia.”  I asked him two questions that I hope will give our readers a flavour for his presentation.

Barry: What are the key cultural considerations an organizer must consider before cloning an exhibition in Asia?

Bjoern: While there are many nuances to doing business in Asia there are three primary

things to consider which include:

      • Reduce headquarter influence and accept flexible ways of communication
      • Bilingual promotional materials
      • Key image can be totally different while the brand remains consistent

Barry: Are all successful exhibition brands candidates for opening in Asia? Why?

Bjoern: I believe many of the international exhibition brands are already in Asia. If they are not in Asia they will certainly look at it in the near future.

Anuga is not using their successful brand at all and instead using World of Food or Gourmet World etc.

Asia is the future growth market and trade fairs are expected to grow annually between 10% – 20%. This growth would not be possible in Europe. Very soon many international branded exhibitions will have their largest edition in Asia.

I recently had the opportunity to hear Dr. Kempe speak at the Korean Exhibition Forum and his depth of knowledge, sound advice and compelling arguments made him one of the highlights of the event. If you have never had the opportunity to hear him and you are planning to attend the UFI Open Seminar in Asia on February 23-24, then you are in for a treat.

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