The impact of colour and the success of an exhibition

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Barry Siskind

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The success of expanding a fair or conference into a new market can sometimes be linked to something as simple as color.

In an increasingly competitive world where communication needs to be carefully targeted, there are few brands that are powerful enough to achieve universal recognition without some adjustment to cultural preferences.

In the world of exhibitions the choice of color will affect everything from letterhead to carpet to room lighting as we recently saw at the UFI Focus Meeting hosted by Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. How you chose your colors needs to be carefully thought out.

If you do a Google search for “colour and culture you will find lots of articles that focus on cultural interpretation of colour. For example white is the predominant colour in North American bridal shows yet in another culture white symbolizes death. In China red symbolizes good luck and in South Africa it is the colour of mourning.

To give your expansion plans an edge, consider the implication of colour in the culture you are planning to enter.



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