IAEE reports an increase in optimism in public events

IAEE reports an increase in optimism in public events

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The IAEE (International Association of Exhibits and Events) recently released its annual report on the public events industry in the United States. Amongst its findings are:


  • 66% of respondents have an optimistic view towards 2012;
  • 32% plan to launch a new event in 2012;
  • 36% expect better revenue in 2012;


One very interesting finding is that 68% of show organizers are now taking younger professional attendees into consideration when developing an educational program. This indicates a real shift to accommodate a changing demographic of attendees which is consistent with previous research by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research which states that by 2015 there will be five generations that populate the exhibition floor.


Is what is happening in the United States reflective of results in other regions around the globe?


To read the whole report visit www.iaee.org



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