Negotiating the right Wi-Fi for your event.

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Reliable Wi-Fi is a must for a conference or exhibition – it’s what both attendees and exhibitors expect. But according to web specialist Kate Mulcrone who wrote a thought provoking article for Successful Meetings Magazine, access to Wi-Fi also includes off-site locations as well as what’s available at the event itself.–What-You-Need-to-Know-to-Negotiate-a-Data-Plan-for-Your-Next-Event/

She divided her advice into three sections:

Site Inspection Questions:

The questions she recommends include such areas as the type of service that exists in the building, how data is now handled and the availability of on-site service.


Nothing on social sites is truly secure and if you or your exhibitors have access to sensitive information your  decision about Wi-Fi takes on a whole new level of concern.


Negotiating the right Wi-Fi  begins during the initial site visit and long before a contract is signed.

It’s a good article that has the potential of becoming your Wi-Fi bible.

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