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Barry Siskind

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What is the one thing that tech companies and exhibition organizers have in common? The answer is a constant need to find young professionals to replenish staff vacancies.


Life and work practices that seem to be at the heart of tech companies low staff turnover provide a good lesson for all of us.


Young professionals want rewarding careers, time to spend nurturing their families and a work environment that provides a healthy lifestyle.


In a recent article in American Express’s Open Forum, an analysis of Tech giant and US based Zynga provides some helpful examples.





Good Food – It’s a common practice among tech companies to offer employees catered lunches, but Zynga offers employees food that is cooked on-site by professional chefs.


Good Fun – Zynga provides a relaxation area that includes big screen TV’s, a fully equipped gym and a curved wood bar area with free beer on tap.


Work Hard, Play Hard


Zynga provides employees a free shuttle to work to make up for the long hours they expect their employees to put in.


Working at Zynga seems idyllic but the demands on employees are great. Going that extra step pays off in reducing turnover.


Our industry is similar in that there are times when our employees working schedule goes from relaxed to hectic.


One of the issues our industry faces is burnout which can reduce the long term dedication of those young professionals we so desperately crave. Could the lessons taught by companies like Zynga provide useful clues into the kind of changes that might be appropriate for our world? Let me know what you think.




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