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One of the fastest growing consumer products is the tablet. Yet many marketers have been slow to use the power of the tablet to promote their brands, conferences and exhibitions. A recent posting byUSdigital advertising guru Gene Paek, Vice president of Factory Design Labs, offered five suggestions for anyone considering tapping into the power of the tablet.


The first mistake, according to Paek is that many marketers do not create specific apps for the tablet. Marketing on a tablet with its larger screen is different from what a user has grown accustomed to on a Smartphone.


Here are his five suggestions:


1. Content needs to be such that individual users find it appealing to their interests, needs and wants.


2. The experience is often overshadowed by the content. If the user is left with nothing other than information, the chance that they will revisit the app in the future is reduced.


3. Be prepared to make the investment. An app is a dynamic tool which requires on-going maintenance by writers, photographers, videographers, editors and other creative people.


4. Your exhibition app can complement the marketing approach of exhibitors, contractors, hotels, facilities etc. By looking for partners you have the ability to tap into a larger audience.


5. You also need to create a specialized marketing program for your tablet app whether it be through print, partner’s websites, your own lists, association members, etc. You want to ensure that your tablet app is seen by as many people in your community as possible.


It’s a good posting that gives organizers excellent food-for-thought on the marketing of their exhibitions.



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