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Barry Siskind

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Last week I posted comments by Peter Cochrane who will be one of the speakers at this year’s 79th UFI Congress in Abu Dhabi. One of his comments was particularly intriguing. Peter spoke about the impact of virtualization and telepresence and its affect on the exhibition industry. I asked him to expand and here’s his answer.


“In a world that is getting faster and more connected, where bandwidth, connectivity and mobile working are the norm, taking a day or two out to attend some distant event can be far too expensive in time and money. So we can fly around the world to physically visit an exhibition or attend a conference, but we can also go there virtually to zero in on the specific things we want to see and the people we really want to meet.

We have experienced 2D/3D video conferencing, virtual reality and augmented reality with head up displays, but holographic projection is also being developed and may be the biggest game changer yet. And then there is the ‘on-line event space’ which presents a new means of access for busy clients. As electronic displays achieve greater resolutions we can expect many more of these ‘virtual events’ .”



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