Exhibitor training is not a luxury

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Barry Siskind

Community Manager

Exhibition World recently republished a timely article that focused on consultant and trainer Karla Juegel’s view of education in the exhibition industry.

The article is timely because it supports a lively ongoing discussion on LinkedIn by the UFI Education Group which posed the question, “What do organizer’s see as their biggest challenge these days in activating their exhibitors?”


Juegel believes that training of exhibitors is not a luxury but an investment that will ensure exhibitions maintain their relevancy and importance in the corporate marketing mix. Training improves the exhibitor and attendee’s experience and ensures that exhibitors leave the fair with a book filled with high-value leads.


Throughout my career I have met many organizers who embrace the importance of providing training to exhibitors and some who have not. I have seen first hand the value of trained exhibitors and I am surprised when it is not offered.

Both the discussion group and this article remind us that exhibitors, like purchasers of many products, need clear-cut instructions on how to maximize their investment.

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