Are paper-business cards dying?

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Barry Siskind

Community Manager

At our recent Congress in Abu Dhabi I exchanged fifty four business cards with delegates.

Business cards have always been a sensitive issue. There are so many cultures that take great pride in them that when a person jots information on the back, they are unaware of the insult. Business cards are, in many cases, an extension of the person. The card reveals who they are, what you do and the role you play in your corporation. But, in the age of digitalization are hard copy business cards becoming passé?

In a recent post on the American Express Open Forum, Blogger Stephanie Buck listed five apps to digitalize business cards including: CardMunch, Shoeboxed, Cardeloud, CardFlick and Bump.

Are paper business cards ready to become extinct? Will digitalized cards answer important distinctions imposed by culture? What is your prediction for the future of business cards?

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