Albert Aoun, Chairman of IFP Group in the Spotlight

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Barry Siskind

UFI Community Manager

According to Albert Aoun, Chairman, IFP Group, business in the Middle East presents many of the same challenges faced elsewhere around the globe.

Aoun’s career started in aviation and he drew an interesting parallel with exhibitions. “In the airline industry, you need to fill the seats and make sure the planes take off on time. In the exhibition industry, you need to fill the square meters before the show opens. In both of these global industries, you need to manage your costs effectively, service a large number of clients, ensure and maintain customer satisfaction long-term and face increasing competition. You also need to be able to adapt to a constantly evolving environment, whether it is political or technological.”

Albert Aoun is our newest inductee into UFI’s initiative called “Spotlight on Leaders and Trends.” You can read my conversation with Albert Aoun by visiting then click  Industry Information, scroll down to “Spotlight on Leaders and Trends,” and select the interview that you would like to read. New interviews will be added regularly.



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