Yahoo bans telecommuting

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Barry Siskind

UFIs Community Manager

What does Yahoo’s recent decision to ban telecommuting have to do with the exhibition industry?

A lot!

Companies like Yahoo have traditionally been at the edge of innovation. A decade ago these companies felt that employees would be just as productive in their home office as they were in the company office. They believed working from home offered the additional benefits of no commuting, more time with family and the ability to set the employees own hours. But what managers are finding is that this arrangement is not as productive as they hoped. Decision making has slowed and the synergies from people talking face to face seem to have been dwindling.

Yahoo’s recent decision may be the beginning of a new era where people will be brought back to the office to interact with colleagues – face-to-face.

If high-tech companies are recognizing the benefits of face-to-face as more productive with the potential of creating a more dynamic workforce, what does that say about the future of exhibitions where everything is face-to-face?

This is indeed a trend worth following.


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