Pronouncing difficult names

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Barry Siskind

UFIs Community Manager

I have a challenge. I am often invited to attend international conferences and in addition to speak or moderate.  I also take part in the networking activities. This gives me a great opportunity to meet people in our industry and to learn first hand what is happening in various parts of the world. The challenge I have is in remembering and pronouncing names.

I haven’t found a good solution to the remembering part but I recently came across an app designed specifically for people like me who are “pronunciation challenged”. It’s called the Mivoki Name Bank. It was invented by a Canadian out of necessity. After years of having people mispronounce her name, Ritu Bhasin, she created a simple app that is available through the Apple App Store. The app simply allows individuals to record their own name and when others click on, they hear the correct pronunciation. Smart?

Of the 250,000+ apps offered for my Smartphone, this is one that can change the way I network. Check it out at

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