Thoughts from the Middle East

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Barry Siskind

UFIs Community Manager

At UFI’s recent Open Seminar in the Middle East, Managing Director Paul Woodward led a panel that discussed “Changes in Client Expectations for Organizers and Venues in the Digital Age”. Here is what Paul said were the highlights of the panel discussion.

“There is a more dynamic series of communications between stakeholders today which is much different than in the past when communications were one dimensional such as between salespeople to exhibitors. Now it’s crucial for all stakeholders to be more responsive to what each is saying. This points to a need for a more dynamic and flexible approach to being engaged with the industries we serve 365 days a year rather than just four or five days.

We now have a multiple communication challenge which is answered by the types of people we recruit, the companies we solicit and the industries we serve. This is the same whether we are doing business in the US, Europe or the Middle East.” The expectations of stakeholders has changed.  For example organizers now need to be able to respond to visitor’s needs in real time.

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