Personal showers as an exhibition perk

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Barry Siskind
UFI’ Community Manager

We may be going a bit too far in our search to make the time an attendee spends at a conference or exhibition productive.

The Daily Telegraph reported a study conducted by UK based Lucre Research on the positive affects in terms of creativity and productivity when people have access to showers at work.
During the study Staff at four businesses: a restaurant, an architectural firm, an advertising agency and a lingerie company, over an eight week period, took a shower break during their work day – and results showed improvement across a range of areas, from mood to productivity.

The results were a 42-per-cent increase in productivity and a 33-per-cent rise in creativity.

Could the addition of showers as an amenity at a conference be helpful? Although the research was somewhat limited in scope, the answer could be ‘maybe’. Does that stretch the limit of how far we should go to keep our attendees happy and productive – I’ll let you be the judge.


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