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Barry Siskind
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We once thought that technology could not replace the face-to-face experience that makes exhibitions strong. But all that may be changing. I read an interesting article written by Oliver Richardson, Sales and Marketing Director of US based DB Systems, which supplies audio visual equipment to the event industry. In his article Richardson describes how five different technologies can help attendees experience products and services they see at an exhibition.

• Mobile Augmented Reality helps brings a technology or product to life by utilizing overlaid animations and graphics. Mobile Augmented Reality allows visitors to point their Smartphone at a static product and watch it transform into an animated experience.
• Triggered Technologies is activated by a visitor enticing them to interact with the stand.
• Minority-report style Touch screens and Holoscreens, if implemented properly, can give the stand a feeling the visitor will remember long after they have left.
• Interactive Product are see-through screens which enhance the product display.
• Interactive Projection Mapping gives the visitor and the exhibitor the ability to turn an object, building or vehicle into a projection environment.
Richardson’s article in an interesting read and worth sharing with your exhibitors.

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