Ambassadors to promote and sell

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

A few years ago I did some work for a client who had just developed an Ambassador program. To get started they sent out an announcement to all employees asking if any would be willing to represent the company at one of their exhibitions. They found many eager people in departments that may have been overlooked who jumped at the opportunity.

I recently read an article in International Meetings Review, that Calgary, a city in Western Canada, developed something similar. They approached business leaders in various fields to ask for their help in securing major conferences to the city. Once again the results were better than anticipated.

This got me wondering whether we have overlooked valuable and credible resources as we promote our exhibitions, events and facilities. With all the marketing chatter that decision makers listen to every day, would they listen to local business leaders or well-known players in an industry? From the previous two examples I believe that, if handled properly, the answer is more than likely “yes”.

Ambassadors could be an untapped resource right at your fingertips.

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