Jochen Witt’s Global Industry Review

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Barry Siskind
UFIs Community Manager

For the past several years, one of the most eagerly anticipated presentations at UFI’s Annual Congress is Jochen Witt’s “Global Industry Review.” Not only is his analysis thought-provoking, his manner of presenting a statistical overview is riveting. To give our followers a sneak preview of what is awaiting them in Seoul, I asked Jochen a few questions that pertain to this year’s presentation.


What are the lessons we will learn from this year’s Global Industry Review?


There are many but two very important lessons are:

As global growth starts to shift away from emerging markets, the need to move from regional diversification to product diversification and innovation will increase.
A great business potential lies in untapped and unused data. Particularly in emerging markets, improvements are needed in venue quality and safety.

What has been the most significant change from last year to this?

The biggest change may have taken place in Europe: The Eurozone is emerging from a deep recession. However, the recovery will be very slow.


What has surprised you most about the state of our industry?


Its resilience was expected, but it is always a somewhat pleasant surprise.

This year UFIs Congress will be held from November 13th to 16th in Seoul, Korea. If you haven’t registered yet there is still time. See the entire agenda at or follow on #ufiseoul

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