Research shows an increase in sustainability across the exhibition industry

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community manager

Christian Druart is Head of UFI Research and Secretary of the UFI Sustainable Development Committee. At the upcoming UFI Sustainable Development Focus Meeting, On December 11th, in Geneva, he will be presenting updated research data. I asked him, “When you compare the current situation to where the industry was in the last few years what surprised you the most?”

He explained:

“What surprised me most a few years ago was the difference in the commitments among the companies: some had been tackling this seriously for a long time; others were very quick and efficient in analysing the topic and in putting concrete measures into actions, but the vast majority had not considered sustainability as an important issue.

What surprises me now – and the survey results I present in Geneva will detail this – is that most companies have now initiated specific actions or are about to. The number of companies who have implemented sustainability across their organizations is definitely on the rise..

All this is encouraging. We hope that the conference in Geneva will be a solid platform for learning and sharing. The UFI Sustainable Development Focus Meeting will be a great opportunity for us to learn from each other.”

This UFI Focus meeting is open to all exhibition professionals. For the full programme and to register online just click here:


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