Ravinder Sethi helps unravel the mysteries of India

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

India holds tremendous potential for the exhibition industry. However, the country and people are pulled by two forces: they are steeped in tradition and coping with the demands of a rapidly growing middle class.

One of the best sources of information about this growing marketplace is Ravinder Sethi who founded and heads R.E. Rogers India, a logistics firm based in India that is heavily involved in exhibitions and events.

Ravinder is the focus of our newest UFI Spotlight on Leaders and Trends. I asked him what he would like organizers and exhibitors to ask before they begin planning an exhibition in India?

Here’s what he said. “Some of the questions are very basic and would apply to most parts of the world such as customs rules, documentations, time frames, taxations, etc. Specific questions pertain to where in India they are considering doing business. This could include such issues as connectivity, geography, culture, weather, cuisines, and language. For example, doing an exhibition in Kolkata, Hyderabad, or Delhi could make you feel you are in three separate countries.”

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