IAEE’s Future Trends in Exhibitions

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Barry Siskind
UFIs Community Manager

As the calendar year end quickly approaches, pundits and soothsayers are busy scratching their heads developing what they envision as the trends of the future. One such list was recently published by the International Association of Exhibition and Events (IAEE) and their Future Trends Taskforce.

The Taskforce is comprised of business leaders around the world and this year their thirteen challenges our industry will face in the future include:
1. A broad range of generations co-existing in the workforce with their different communication styles.
2. Collecting “Big Data” to hone in on the most relevant information.
3. New technologies for data capture, recording and reporting.
4. The impact of emerging technologies.
5. Social media marketing.
6. Creating year-round communities for an exhibition or event.
7. Experiential trade shows.
8. Addressing and capitalizing on non-attendee engagement.
9. Educating exhibitors in the ongoing value of face-to-face marketing.
10. International trends impacting U.S. exhibitions.
11. Variables affecting internet connectivity at exhibitions and events.
12. Private events in the corporate marketing plan.
13. The complexity of managing these elements in the future.
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