Help your exhibitors navigate the field of international shipping

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

The world of international shipping can be a mine-field of problems. Do it right and shipments to an exhibition arrive on time with relatively few hassles. But, when exhibitors don’t pay attention to the details, the delays can be costly and in some cases jeopardize their very success at the event.

Organizers trying to grow the international component of their exhibitors mix find many foreign companies are reluctant to attend because they are concerned about their ability to navigate the shipping and customs rules and regulations.

I read a great article in Exhibitor Online titled Customs, Crates and Carnets – A Global Guide to International Shipping. The article explains everything an exhibitor needs to know from packaging to paperwork as well as the benefits of an ATA Carnet to issues of Value Added Taxes (VAT). Although the article was written for US based exhibitors, the advice is relevant for us all.

This is one of those helpful articles worth sharing with your exhibitors.

When you help your exhibitors manoeuvre through the details required to ship goods and displays, they will be happier and ultimately more successful at your event.

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