Fraud warnings

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

Recently the Canadian Association of Exposition Management released a warning that they are asking their members to distribute it to their exhibitors. Some of the fraudulent activities reported dealt with vendors who claim to have access to exhibitor and attendee lists for sale, bookings for housing and unauthorized companies who sell tickets for events.

Fraud is a growing issue that our industry needs to address and do whatever it can to mitigate its impact on our customers.

Christiane Boin-Goessel, Association and Events Coordinator at the CAEM told me she would be pleased to have our UFILive followers distribute her warning letter.

Here is the letter:

UFI also issued a warning about “Expo Guide/ Data Verlag” You can read the warning as well as other fraudulent practices by going into, then clicking the “Industry Information” section and scroll down to ExpoGuide/Fair Guide.

Do warnings like this go far enough?

What are you doing to inform your visitors about fraudulent activities?

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