Measuring marketing success for organizers

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

Johnson Ng, Senior Manager, Hong Kong Development Council will be presenting a seminar at UFI’s Open Seminar in the Middle East titled Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing and Promotional Campaigns for Exhibitors.

Measurement is one of the challenges we face when determining which marketing tool produces the best return, particularly when a number of them are being used simultaneously.

I asked Johnson how he would advise organizers who are faced with the challenge of measuring when multiple marketing tools are used to attract buyers and exhibitors simultaneously. He said, “When evaluating the effectiveness of marketing tools, several key quantitative aspects are to be considered such as number of reach, response rate in terms of online click-through, both online/offline registration, and show up rate etc.

Qualitative measure can also to be taken into account especially in situation when very specific target segments are to be recruited. Marketing tools such as some social media channels allow an organizer to target down to the level of title, department and industry segment.”

UFI’s Open Seminar in the Middle East will be held from March 18 – 20 in Doha, Qatar. To see the entire agenda click here:

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