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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

From April 8 – 10 UFI’s ICT and Operations & Services Focus Meetings will be held in Poznan, Poland.

Rudolf Sommer, Senior Corporate Manager, Marken EnBW und Watt, is also a first time presenter at a UFI event. He is joined by Rob van der Heijden, COO, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Simon Naudi, Managing Director, Answers Training International Ltd and Jason Popp, Executive Vice President, Global Experience Specialists, in what promises to be a lively panel discussion titled, “Working Together on Creating an Experience.”

I asked Rudolf what key lessons he hopes participants will take away. He said, “I think that this topic will create lots of discussion about the future of our core-business. It is very important for me to bring in the knowledge and experience of a brand-communicator and to discuss with experts the platforms we should use to sell our products to our clients.”

He adds, “I think that cross media communication is an excellent starting point for a prosperous future in our business. The concern for the exhibition industry is to be able to link the needs of the customers and then find customized solutions to motivate the following generation to visit our events.”

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