Blue Ribbon Panel to reveal the secrets of creating an experience

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

A panel discussion gives an audience deeper perspective on an issue. Most events you either attend or plan have a panel discussion as part of their agenda. Delegates like panels because the speakers present a balanced approach that often results in a lively debate which reveals bits of information that can get missed in a formal one-person presentation.

The upcoming UFI ICT and Operations & Services Focus Meetings will be held in Poznan, Poland. From April 8 – 10

Jason Popp, Executive Vice President, Global Experience Specialists, will be part of a panel discussion titled, “Working Together on Creating an Experience.” He will be joined by Rudolf Sommer, Senior Corporate Manager, Marken EnBW und Watt, Rob van der Heijden, COO, Jaarbeurs Utrecht and Simon Naudi, Managing Director, Answers Training International Ltd.

I asked Jason about how he will be positioning his comments. He answered, “On the panel, I plan to take a global contractor’s view of attendee engagement and create a memorable experience for attendees. Specifically, I will discuss how suppliers can support organizers to create the right on site experience (e.g., through engaging feature areas that are relevant and exciting to attendees) and how suppliers and exhibitor contractors can work with corporate marketers and other exhibitors to create a more engaging experience for attendees pre-show, on the show floor, and post show. I will bring with me a few examples that have worked well.”

You can read the whole agenda at

The topic and the members of the panel ensure this session will be one of the highlights of the conference.

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