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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

The Exhibition and Events Association of South Africa (EXSA) includes as members, stand contractors, event organizers and venues. Since 2014 Bradley Alder has taken on the leadership role as EXSA’s president. Recently Bradley became the latest addition to UFI’s growing feature, “Spotlight on Leaders and Trends.” I asked Bradley to identify the biggest challenges facing the MICE industry in South Africa today.

This was his answer:

“There are inconsistencies in procedures, regulations and the enforcement of these which causes some confusion amongst those involved in the exhibition industry. This needs to be addressed and fixed.

There is also a need to place some priority on strategic planning for the MICE industry because it is a major growth sector in the economy but at the macro level there must be planning that is similar to what happens in other sectors.

Another issue is that there is a need for some synchronization and co-operation amongst vendors.

The last challenge is to ensure that those entering the industry as a career have the proper skills.”

Bradley’s story makes compelling reading for all of our members who are active in the region or considering business opportunities in South Africa.

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