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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

From June 30 to July 2 UFI’s 2014 Open Seminar in Europe will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The theme of this event is “Broadening Perspectives – Smart Ideas for the 21st century Exhibition Business.”

This Open Seminar is all about innovation and creativity – two crucial ingredients to the success of any exhibition business but often difficult to find. Simon Naudi, Managing Director, Answers Training International Ltd., will be facilitating an intriguing workshop titled, “How to Generate Innovative Ideas.” I asked Simon a few questions to give you a flavour of what you might expect.


What are the basic tools to the creation of innovative ideas?


There are a large number of tools available to help the business person access their creative juices. With the limited time we have I hope to introduce delegates to a fast 5 minute technique that is great for generating ideas as well as verifying one’s own thoughts and a more well-known model for moving their ideas.


What do you hope your participants will take away from the workshop?


I aim to teach them to use two techniques, hopefully new to most of them, that they will be able to take away and apply in their own roles. Because we are going to test and use the models it is also very likely that they will hear and see new ideas generated that they can adapt in their own countries after the session.

Simon’s workshop is a great addition to a stellar line up of industry and content experts. If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time. To see the entire agenda, click here:

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