Take the worry out of social media mentions

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community manager

One of the reasons many organizers have been reluctant to plunge headfirst into the social media pool is the fear of giving too many people the power to make negative comments about their exhibitions. It has been argued that whether we are proactive in our social media approach or not these same people will post comments. But, a new bit of research reported on the ExpoWeb blog reveals that our fears are not as disastrous as we may have assumed.

A study by Mention (www.en.mention.com), a firm that specializes in real time media monitoring, reported that most comments made about organizations were neutral in tone. The study which examined over one billion media mentions over a period of two years found:
• 17.61% were positive mentions
• 5.81% were negative mentions
• 76.58% were neutral

The study also looked at:
• The major language spoken by those it monitored
• What social media channels were used, and
• What days were most of the mentions found?


This study should be helpful as you expand your social media initiatives before, during and after your exhibitions.

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