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Barry Siskind

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A recent post by The Exhibition Industry Newsfeed caught my attention. The title of the post was 5 Mobile Advertising Strategies that Work.

What I liked is that the strategies not only applied to organizers but are also valuable for our exhibitors. Mobile advertising is growing in leaps and bounds. According to the post, in 2013 companies tripled their mobile advertising budgets over the previous year and expect this number to grow an additional 65% in the next year.

The five strategies are:

  1. Go Beyond Banners

Banner advertising has worked so well in the past, many viewers now suffer from what is known as “Banner-ad blindness.”

  1. Invest in In-App Ads

Smartphone and tablet users turn to their apps first when they engage their devices

  1. Go Local

According to the author, “mobile ads are the perfect channel for any business with a local component.”

  1. Start with Facebook and Google

Deciding on the right channel is difficult because there are simply too many. Starting with the established Facebook and Google seems like a good place to begin a mobile strategy.

  1. Target, Target, Target

Customers have a low tolerance for information that is irrelevant to them. Information that is targeted to their needs has a much greater chance of being viewed.

Take a look at this post. These five steps can be helpful for you as well as your exhibitors.

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