Heat Mapping of an Exhibition

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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

The exhibition and publishing industries are close cousins. Many exhibitions began first as a trade publication and then became a live event. Publishers understand the value of location and charge premiums for space that will attract more attention such as the front or back page of their magazine. In an online conversation on the Exhibition News site, Amir Vered, account director at eForce, Olympia London’s IT partner, posed the question of whether the exhibition could benefit from using the technique that the publishing industry has been employing.

His suggestion is that using heat mapping both the organizers and exhibitors has up to date information on traffic patterns throughout the event. Wikipedia defines a heat map as “a graphical representation of data.”

From the exhibitors perspective heat maps would give them one more tool when choosing a location and for the organizer an additional source of revenue.

Are heat maps an overlooked tool that could be used to make exhibitions more effective? How could it make them more effective? They would definitely assist in new pricing models though.


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