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Barry Siskind

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 On September 16, the UFI Education Center is presenting a webinar that will be of interest to all of us in the exhibition industry, “Strategic Data Management.” It’s being presented by Ungerboeck’s senior presales Consultant, Mark Pritchard.

 As we have a number of interesting conversations at about “Big Data,” I asked Mark about his solution for dealing with large volumes of data that is constantly changing.

 Here’s what he told me;

   “Data is growing exponentially these days; keeping it clean, up-to-date and accurate has become a growing challenge for the events industry.

 So the solution that needs to be applied when it comes to managing large amounts of customer data is having a data management strategy…a strategy for designing and maintaining your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system including auditing databases, cleaning up existing data, standardising data entry etc., all of which would ultimately lead to increased success rates, better customer communication and higher productivity.

It is all well and good having lots of customer data but its accuracy and the ability to use that data as a key business asset should not be underestimated.

In many instances lower volumes of data with higher levels of accuracy and relevance to the events industry for key players such as congress venues and exhibition organizers, is not really important but indeed essential.

 Ideally your CRM system should be purpose-built for the events industry and the customer data should flow consistently through all parts of your organization from marketing, to sales and operations and to your accounts teams.

As well as the perceived benefits of having good, clean and relevant CRM data, this strategic objective can be a very lucrative move too. In fact, performing data quality best practices can boost a company’s revenue by more than 60%. Imagine the difference that could make in your exhibition management business!”

 If Mark’s unique perspective has sparked your interest don’t forget to register at:


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