How secure is iCloud?

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Barry Siskind

UFI’s Community Manager


In recent news, high profile actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton’s iCloud accounts were hacked and private photographs were posted on the internet. In a post on the author asked the question, “Can you trust iCloud?”


It’s an important consideration. So much transpires in the planning, execution and post-exhibition that a breach in security can have a significantly negative affect on our on-going operations and the reputation of our exhibitions.

The author concludes that “We have no reason to believe that iCloud is unsafe.” But he goes on to state that most of the responsibility for security rests in the hands of those who use iCloud. The author offers four pieces of advice that will be important for you to pass along to your staff and exhibitors.

  • Use secure, unique passwords on accounts and devices,
  • Use two-factor authentication,
  • Enable locks and passwords on computers and phone accounts,
  • Run the latest version of an operating system.

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