The Intelligent Use of Data


Blogger: Barry Siskind, Author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing

UFI’s recently released Euro Fair Statistics 2014 is an amazing piece of research.  The report is a comprehensive look at Europe’s accomplishments, country by country, using three key metrics, space, exhibitors and visitors.

In the past our blog has initiated many conversations about a world filled with data. We can all agree that data gives us a historical perspective on the reporting period – similar to a student receiving a report card. It tells us if our industry and our organizers have made the right decisions when faced with specific circumstances.

The danger that I see with data is that when the numbers are positive, the result can be excessive risk taking or complacency (why change what’s working.) When the numbers are negative the results can be a reluctance to take risks or a sense of hopelessness (what’s the use.) Neither outcome, in my opinion, is helpful.

The question that remains on my mind is how data can be intelligently used to further our businesses in the future.

What do you do with all the data?

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