Inviting exhibitions that capitalize on Thailand’s new economic direction

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Blogger: Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasat Director, Exhibition and Events Department of TCEB

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) takes great pride in being able connect international businesses to Southeast Asia’s most progressive companies, and today the climate for innovation is richer than ever.

Put simply, innovative businesses are the ones driving the future of Thailand’s industry. Thailand’s economy is changing and the Government is the supporting shadow behind the private sector; the real heroes driving the industry forward.

Today these companies are being helped by the Government – directly and indirectly – through a nationwide initiative known as Thailand 4.0. A move towards a knowledge economy, it also sees the Government and TCEB expand their support not only for the industries in which Thailand has built a strong international reputation, but for emerging industry founded on innovation and technology.

Innovative enterprise needs a platform to showcase itself. And it is the organisers, rather than the exhibitors, that TCEB is out to assist.

Exhibitions are after all the natural domain for the medium sized enterprises typically responsible for developing progressive technologies and services.

Thailand’s core industries continue to yield high value in the short- to medium-term, but there are emerging industries that the Government sees as the future, those that use innovation and technology to steer Thailand away from an economy built on low-cost production.

In doing so we see that if you need innovation and knowledge to prepare your company and keep up with industry development, exhibitions can act as the best platform on which to showcase, for example, the latest technology, or through conferences engage in knowledge transfer in order to progress our economy towards Thailand 4.0.

While Thailand’s core industries include automotive, agribusiness, tourism and biotechnology, today the Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Science and Technology are working on a unified approach to developing Thailand’s new smart, hi-tech industrial and economic aspirations in industries such as robotics, clean energy and domestic automation.

Exhibitions are one of the most efficient, and effective platforms for making the most of these opportunities being created as the country moves towards Thailand 4.0, and TCEB is on-hand to support all participants; organisers, exhibitors and visitors as they begin their journey into Thailand’s trade shows.

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