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SISO/UFI Deeper Dive: Case Study on World of Concrete Exhibition

After safely and successfully producing a handful of trade and consumer shows in Florida since last October, Informa Markets  led the way for the industry again by reopening the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) with the production of World of Concrete (WOC) 2021, held June 7-10. After being postponed from its original dates in January, the 46th edition of WOC was the first show to use the LVCC’s new $1 billion, 1.4 million-square-foot West Hall expansion. “It could not be a more fitting openin [...]

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What Does a ‘Smart’ Venue Look Like?

Blogger: Jason Popp, Executive Vice President, International – GES Over the past few years, keeping up with trends in technology has become more important for event planners than ever. Venues love to throw around the term “smart,” but a smart venue is more than a Wi-Fi router and a few references to the cloud. Truly smart venues give participants opportunities to try new experiences and make engagement simpler and more effective for presenters and exhibitors. It’s up to event planners to maximiz [...]

5 Exhibition Resources You Can’t Live Without in 2016

Blogger: Jason Popp, Executive Vice President, International – GES There’s no better feeling than the sensation of being a part of something magical. That’s how I felt when our team worked with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. To see the magnitude, global visibility, and sheer complexity of the event come together to create one giant unstoppable machine was, well, mind-blowing and inspiring. A magical event is, at its simplest, about matchmaking — “Buyer, meet [...]

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4 Venue Mistakes That Will Sink Your Event Before It Even Starts

Blogger: Jason Popp, Executive Vice President, International – GES Wowing your crowd with a successful event is a journey paved with thousands of decisions. Many of them are small, but some can make or break your event — particularly when it comes to venue choice. I’ve attended events throughout the world, and I’ve seen it all. Avoid these four common venue mistakes, or your party will be a bust before it even starts: Poor Venue Layout As a service provider, I can say this with confidence: Multi [...]

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How Data Can Extend the Life of Your Event

Blogger: Jason Popp, Executive Vice President, International – GES Thankfully, today’s events have evolved from the days of stuffing people into a venue, wowing them for two days, and then packing up and planning for next year’s session. Now, you can extend your event’s life by using data. And in today’s competitive landscape, this isn’t just a nice option; it’s a necessity. If you fail to leverage the value of your event marketing beyond the event itself, you’re not going to be able to use your [...]

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