How can your exhibition help it’s industry’s youngest players survive and prosper?

Blogger: Stephanie Selesnick, President of International Trade Information, Inc. CTA™ – the owners of CES International, the largest exhibition in the United States and UFI member, is known for doing innovative things – one of which directly answers the above question. They have a mentor program offered as a free benefit of association membership. “For small business owners and entrepreneurs, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Mentor Program pairs you with a mentor company who can give ad [...]

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Why I Like Hybrid Events

Blogger: : Stephanie Selesnick, President of International Trade Information, Inc. IMEX America was recently held in Las Vegas. It was the sixth edition and, by all accounts, was a huge success with 12,227 attendees, of which 3,216 from 60 countries were hosted buyers. There were over 60,000 appointments pre-scheduled with 3,250 exhibiting organizations and companies. Hosted buyers were required to hold between 8-10 pre-scheduled appointments daily (about one per half hour). They chose exhibitor [...]

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Mexico – Land of opportunity

Blogger: Nick Dugdale-Moore, Business Development Manager at UFI Mexico is the best place in Latin America to be working or investing right now.  The following chart says it all.  Mexico recorded an incredible 10% growth in real GDP last year, second globally only to Indonesia, with 13%. When you compare that to the modest growth in Europe or the States, and the other neighbourhood powerhouse Brazil (whose GDP contracted 7% in real terms), it looks even more impressive. Source: Globex Report, AM [...]

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It is always great to see developing markets in our industry!

Blogger: Sergey Alexeev, UFI President I am just back from Monterrey, Mexico, where I attended the 19th AMPROFEC Conference, and saw the Mexican exhibition industry upbeat about its future. With more and more international attention on Mexico as an exhibition business opportunity, a number of our industry’s global players are working together with national businesses, while established regional players are expanding as well. UFI will help our members to get even better access to Mexico, while al [...]

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Successful Exhibitions Should Avoid Systemic Hubris

Blogger: Stephanie Selesnick, President of International Trade Information, Inc. I recently read an article that has a good lesson for successful exhibitions. “Apple planned to launch a live TV service along with the latest iteration of Apple TV, but negotiations with content providers reportedly fell through after Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, rubbed executives the wrong way, according to the Wall Street Journal. “Cue apparently showed up late to neg [...]

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Four Questions to Help Increase Your Exhibition’s Relevancy

Blogger: Stephanie Selesnick, President of International Trade Information, Inc. I read a LinkedIn blog by former UFI MD Paul Woodward written following the UFI European Seminar last month, and it inspired me to delve deeper into where exhibitions fit in the mindset of our exhibitors. In spite of what most of us think, our exhibitions and events are not our clients’ whole world. If we’re lucky, our exhibitions and trade fairs are a good-sized blip (week) on their annual sales and marketing radar [...]

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Arguing against Globalization is like arguing against gravity

Blogger:  Stephanie Selesnick, President of International Trade Information, Inc. Kofi Annan, the former secretary-general of the United Nations and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize once said, “Arguing against Globalization is like arguing against gravity.” This quote is one that a speaker mentioned at the UFI Open Congress in Abu Dhabi back in 2012. It’s still true. What happens in Brussels or Paris has an impact on what happens in New York, Chicago or Las Vegas. What happens in London may ha [...]

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Focus on Chile & Argentina

Blogger: Nick Dugdale-Moore, UFI Business Development Manager Next week I am heading to South America together with the UFI MD Kai Hattendorf to attend the 57th AFIDA Congress (Asociación Internacional de Ferias de América) which takes place in Santiago, Chile in Espacio Riesco, the country's leading exhibition and congress venue and UFI's first member in Chile. AFIDA President Ricardo Baquerizo (Expoplaza, Ecuador) is looking forward to welcoming delegates from across the region: “We chose Chil [...]

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What are you doing with all the data?

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager At UFI’s recent congress in Bogota, I had the opportunity to attend the researcher’s meeting.  We heard from Christian Druart, UFI’s Research Manager, Ana Maria Arango, Executive Director of AFIDA, Mark Cochrane, UFI’s Asia/Pacific Regional Manager and Dr. Enrica Baccini, Chief Research and Development Officer, Fondazione Fiera Milano. Also sitting in on the meeting was Brian Casey, CEIR’s new CEO and President.  These five groups represent a huge [...]

Do Sports Metaphors Translate to The Management of Business Teams?

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager Gerard Houllier is the Global Sporting Director for Red Bull Soccer, France. During his illustrious career he was also the head coach for many winning soccer teams. Houllier delivered the opening keynote at this year’s Congress in Bogotá, Columbia. During his presentation he revealed 11 of his 29 well-tested ingredients for managing successful teams. His eleven were: Goals – Well articulated goals give the team a common vision and philosophy. Work [...]

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