Digital trade fair marketing provides the platform for connecting real and digital worlds

Blogger: Henric Uherek, Coordinator Messe Frankfurt Trade fairs are increasingly connecting the digital and the real world. Henric Uherek, Coordinator Messe Frankfurt, explains the challenges that this development poses for exhibitors and trade fair organizers and what’s up next for digital trade fair marketing in 2017 and beyond. Artificial intelligence, big data and automation – many exciting technologies continued to develop rapidly in 2016. Which digital marketing trends do you foresee for 2 [...]

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8 success factors for the exhibition ground of the future

Blogger: Christoph Spangenberg, Corporate Communications, MCH Group Exhibition grounds must meet their customers' requirements at all times and, in the ideal case, must more than meet their needs. Precisely what goes to make up a successful exhibition complex, and how an exhibition complex can equip itself for the future was set out by MCH Group CEO René Kamm at the UFI Global Congress in Shanghai, taking the example of Messe Basel. Around 600 industry leaders met there in early november, in ord [...]

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Social media & trade fairs – a perfect match

Blogger: Thimo Schwenzfeier, Head of Marketing Communication for Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH’s textiles and textile technology events*. * like the Heimtextil trade fair, or the relatively young projects like the ethical fashion show and the Greenshowroom during the Fashion Week in Berlin. Online communication and social media have become an integral part of major events and trade fairs. But how do trade fair organizers conduct their own online marketing and their own social media engagement? [...]

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Trade fair marketing remains popular and is becoming increasingly digital!

  Blogger: Klaus Reinke is Chief of Corporate Strategy & Organisation and a member of Messe Frankfurt's management team. Digitalization not only forces companies to rethink their production processes, technology and IT, but rather consists of developing a comprehensive strategy for digital business transformation. The same applies to the increasingly digital marketing world and marketing activities related to trade fairs. With its "Digital Business Transformation" study, Messe Frankfurt [...]

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Lessons from Germany’s exhibition industry experience

Posted byBarry SiskindUFI’s Community Manager Dr. Peter Neven is managing director responsible for the entire range of  the Association of German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) activities.  In many ways Germany, which is steeped in exhibition tradition, has led the industry. In the most recent addition to UFI’s  Spotlight on Leaders and Trends, I asked Peter, what the exhibition industry can learn from the German experience? “Many countries try to learn from German trade fair know-how.” Peter began, [...]

Birmingham’s NEC – A Sustainability Leader

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager On the heels of the recent UFI Open Seminar on Sustainability came a great story in Exhibition News written by Brian Pell, Operations Manager for the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England. The article addressed a number of initiatives that facilities can undertake to make their venues sustainable. These include: Sophisticated lighting and heating systems, shuttle buses which in NEC’s case use economical Euro V engines, waste water manag [...]

Hans Leenhouts to speak at UFI’s Open Seminar in Sweden.

Posted by Barry Siskind UFIs Community Manager From June 17 to June 19, UFI will be conducting its Open Seminar in Europe in Malmo, Sweden. The line up of speakers is impressive. The theme, Success Factors for Tomorrow’s Exhibition Business, is compelling. One of the speakers is Hans Leenhouts, Founder, CEO and Trainer for the Dutch based firm Sales and Pepper. I first met Hans in Sao Paulo at ExpoSystems where his dynamic presentation added an element of excitement that was unparalleled. I caug [...]

Specialized exhibition education as close as your laptop or tablet.

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager Finding good methods of delivering training for your staff has become more difficult. They are often in different geographic areas under different time zones. They have priorities that often supersede training. When training is offered, it means one more business trip jammed into a schedule already filled to the brim with countless hours on airplanes. Luckily the internet has spawned a solution that has grown in popularity – the webinar. This on-li [...]

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Dramatic rise in foreign exhibitors at German Trade Fairs

Posted by Barry Siskind Community Manager   A recent survey carried out by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) found that in 2011 the number of exhibitors from non-EU countries in Europe attending German trade fairs rose dramatically.  For example, exhibitors from Russia rose 12%, from Turkey 13% and from Croatia a startling 30%.   The trend has spread to other parts of the world as well. For example, there was a 10 % rise from the People’s Republic of China, 9 % f [...]

Reinventing ourselves

Posted by Barry Siskind Community Manager The UFI Open Seminar in Ghent, Belgium  is themed “Invention and Reinventing; Developing your Exhibition and Keeping it Fresh.” The topic immediately sent me to my computer to do some research on re-launches. I wanted to find out what some of the experts had written about the re-launch of a trade fair. I found lots of information about products and services but nothing that directly related to a trade fair. So before June 20-22 when we get together in Gh [...]

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