Big data to drive business development

Blogger: Ahad Merchant, Vice President – M&A at ABEC Exhibition & Conferences (ITE Group) One of the most significant points of evolution in the modern data landscape is the inexorable transition of a centralized model of data management to a decentralized, distributed one. Big data offers some of the greatest opportunities for innovation in the new digital world but also presents challenges for the exhibition industry. There is huge potential for data analytics to completely revolutioni [...]

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What Does a ‘Smart’ Venue Look Like?

Blogger: Jason Popp, Executive Vice President, International – GES Over the past few years, keeping up with trends in technology has become more important for event planners than ever. Venues love to throw around the term “smart,” but a smart venue is more than a Wi-Fi router and a few references to the cloud. Truly smart venues give participants opportunities to try new experiences and make engagement simpler and more effective for presenters and exhibitors. It’s up to event planners to maximiz [...]

Investing in Change

Blogger: Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director At UFI, we always start off the year with the Global CEO Summit, an invitation-only event for the global leaders of our industry. This year in Munich, two sessions stood out to me, as their themes aligned in an unexpected way: On the one hand, private equity was on stage, discussing their case of investing in the exhibition business. On the other hand, the two biggest players of our industry shared their perspectives on how they respond to the chall [...]

Trade fair marketing remains popular and is becoming increasingly digital!

  Blogger: Klaus Reinke is Chief of Corporate Strategy & Organisation and a member of Messe Frankfurt's management team. Digitalization not only forces companies to rethink their production processes, technology and IT, but rather consists of developing a comprehensive strategy for digital business transformation. The same applies to the increasingly digital marketing world and marketing activities related to trade fairs. With its "Digital Business Transformation" study, Messe Frankfurt [...]

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Exhibition matchmaking services in light of technology development

Interview with: Matthias (Tesi) Baur, Founder and Senior Consultant International Business, Exhibitions and E-Commerce at MBB-Media. From 23 to 24 March industry leaders active or interested in doing business in the Middle East and Africa are meeting in Beirut, Lebanon for UFI’s regional seminar. The UFI Open Seminar in Middle East - Africa titled “Adapting to change and getting ready for the future” is designed to offer a valuable insight into how the exhibition landscape is developing globally [...]

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How does digitization shape the exhibition industry?

Blogger: Gerald Böse, Chairman of the European Chapter at UFI and President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH At the 82nd UFI Congress to be held in Milan, November 4 - 7, delegates are invited to join the European Chapter Meeting which will focus on how digitization shapes the exhibition industry. We asked Gerald Böse of Koelnmesse what congress delegates can look forward to during the meeting on Friday 6 November. Why does digitization occupy such a prominent place on the European [...]

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The Intelligent Use of Data

Blogger: Barry Siskind, Author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing UFI’s recently released Euro Fair Statistics 2014 is an amazing piece of research.  The report is a comprehensive look at Europe’s accomplishments, country by country, using three key metrics, space, exhibitors and visitors. In the past our blog has initiated many conversations about a world filled with data. We can all agree that data gives us a historical perspective on the reporting period – similar to a student receivin [...]

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How Data Can Extend the Life of Your Event

Blogger: Jason Popp, Executive Vice President, International – GES Thankfully, today’s events have evolved from the days of stuffing people into a venue, wowing them for two days, and then packing up and planning for next year’s session. Now, you can extend your event’s life by using data. And in today’s competitive landscape, this isn’t just a nice option; it’s a necessity. If you fail to leverage the value of your event marketing beyond the event itself, you’re not going to be able to use your [...]

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Beginning the attendee journey

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager Much has been written about the “attendee experience,” recently I read a blog post on the My Industry tracker recently that described it as the “attendee journey.” Blogger Robin Gallegos describes the attendee journey as a careful examination of each step the attendees takes as they interact with an event or exhibition.  That’s everything from registration to the follow-up surveys. The first step is registration and according to the author if that [...]

Young professionals deliver unique value to exhibitions

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager The Center for Exhibition Industry Research and SISO has just released another landmark study titled, “2015 Young Professional Exhibitor Needs and Preferences Study.”  The thirty eight page report is packed full of useful information. Here are the five key findings: 98 percent of young exhibitors report that exhibitions deliver unique value that cannot be fulfilled by other marketing or sales channels. Seven out of 10 young exhibitors view the exhi [...]