Steps to creating your “Green Team.”

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager With the March 11th UFI Sustainable Development Focus Meeting in Hong Kong quickly approaching now is a good time to examine your sustainable practices. An important issue to developing good sustainable practices rests in the quality of the team charged with the responsibility of implementing your plans. A recent post by US based MC2 addresses four practical steps that will ensure your “Green Team” is working at their very best. The four steps are: [...]

Inspiring ideas to recharge your exhibition

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager What does it take to develop creative ideas? Sometimes it requires a trip back to the beginning and changing everything. In other instances it may require a small amount of tweaking of existing plans. Biz Bash’s Mitra Sorrells & Martha C. White wrote an interesting post titled, The 15 Most Innovative Meetings of 2014. Their list includes examples of not for profits and for profits events. Some of the ideas were: • Reducing the content and incre [...]

Etiquette for Mobile Communications

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager “This message was sent from my I-phone which explains the spelling and grammar errors.” How many times have you seen something like this? I have to admit that I am among the guilty and have a similar message on my I-phone but that doesn’t make it right? In a recent post on Mashables, blogger Jillian Kumagai takes a serious look at the etiquette of sending mobile messages.  As with any form of communication there are definite do’s and don’ts that so [...]

Is your office guilty of hosting bad meetings?

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager We are in the meeting business.  Over the years we have developed strategies to ensure our visitors and exhibitors have what they need to conduct successful meetings. But, is the same care and precision taken when planning meetings in your office with your own staff. Has the same thought been put into ensuring that these meetings, which take up a considerable amount of time, are as productive as possible? It’s a good question that Speaker David Gra [...]

Cost saving ideas for exhibitions

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager Decreasing the cost of staging an event or exhibition is an age old challenge. Yet, often the result of cost cutting has a detrimental effect of the over look and feel of an exhibition. What are sometimes minor changes are notable by exhibitors and visitors alike. The challenge then is to find ways of cutting costs without jeopardizing the experience for your exhibitors and visitors. Blogger Mitra Sorrells posted eight guidelines on the BizBash blo [...]

How wearable technologies will affect exhibitions

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager  Not to anyone’s surprise, Apple finally announced its much anticipated Apple Watch along with the iPhone 6. Apple’s genius is in developing demands for it’s technology and once wearable technology catches on, others will follow with their versions of watches, wallets, necklaces, lanyards….and who knows what else. What does this mean to the exhibition business? In a post on BizBash, columnist Chad Kaydo wrote an interesting piece titled What the Ap [...]

What’s new with Audience Response Systems

Posted byBarry SiskindUFI’s Community Manager It seems like not much time has passed when I was sitting in the audience of a conference I was attending listening to a keynote presenter who was asking their audience’s opinions. I remember that we were handed a small device as we entered the room. There were buttons on the face of the device and we could answer the speaker’s questions with a yes or no. Then in a flash our collective responses were displayed at the front of the room. So much has ha [...]

Lessons from Germany’s exhibition industry experience

Posted byBarry SiskindUFI’s Community Manager Dr. Peter Neven is managing director responsible for the entire range of  the Association of German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) activities.  In many ways Germany, which is steeped in exhibition tradition, has led the industry. In the most recent addition to UFI’s  Spotlight on Leaders and Trends, I asked Peter, what the exhibition industry can learn from the German experience? “Many countries try to learn from German trade fair know-how.” Peter began, [...]

How secure is iCloud?

Posted byBarry SiskindUFI’s Community Manager In recent news, high profile actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton’s iCloud accounts were hacked and private photographs were posted on the internet. In a post on the author asked the question, “Can you trust iCloud?” It’s an important consideration. So much transpires in the planning, execution and post-exhibition that a breach in security can have a significantly negative affect on our on-going operations and the reputation [...]

Facebook versus events

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager Undoubtedly you are aware that your exhibitor’s marketing budgets for exhibitions has been eroding. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the marketing budgets are shrinking rather it may indicate that money is being funneled from exhibitions to digital advertising and social media. Ask any marketer if Facebook is an integral part of their strategy and they might answer an overwhelming ‘yes.’ A recent post on blog suggests that the noti [...]