Building on global promise

Blogger: CATHERINE  BERNARD-DARLET, Communications Director Construction & Agriculture Equipment Business Units, Comexposium Thailand’s capital will soon be the stage for the global construction community, when the second-largest construction machinery and equipment show in the world – Intermat – makes its South East Asian debut. The French organiser of the exhibition, Comexposium, joined forces with Impact Exhibition Management in Bangkok to create an event conceived to set the ASEAN constr [...]

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The power of exhibitions to engage in an ‘always on’ world

Opinion piece – from Joyce Dimascio, Chief Executive of the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) In a world that’s ‘always on’, the landscape has shifted for marketers. Historically, the relationship between a brand and its customers was largely transactional. The lion’s share of the marketing budget went to advertising and the product with the catchiest tag line or most memorable jingle won the day – and ultimately market share. But this has all changed. It’s no longer about w [...]

Maybe we are just not that important

Blogger: Barry Siskind, author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing In April of 2010 I posted a short blog on titled, "Are exhibitions the poor cousins in the marketing mix?" The premise of my argument was that marketers don't seem to take exhibitions seriously whether in academic texts, business practices or budgeting. That was six years ago and just as I am beginning to think there is a shift in attitudes, I am reminded that I am perhaps being optimistic. A case in point is recent researc [...]

Make Global Exhibitions Day global

Blogger: Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director We are two months away from “Global Exhibitions Day“, so today I want to share with you the latest news on how people all around the world are getting ready to send a joint message about the importance of the exhibition industry. Global Exhibitions Day is a combination of all our efforts. It is an invitation to promote the value of our industry, together, with a single and cohesive voice. More than 30 associations, dozens of UFI members – organisers [...]

News from the UFI President

Blogger: Sergey Alexeev, UFI President This month we are starting to reach out to more of our members through a new initiative we call the Ambassador Programme. It is designed to highlight the value and benefits that UFI offers to all our members, and will be particularly helpful for those who may not yet be aware of the full advantages of the UFI membership. Just think about it: Our association this year alone is organising six industry events – the Shanghai Congress, the Global CEO Summit, Reg [...]

Beginning the attendee journey

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager Much has been written about the “attendee experience,” recently I read a blog post on the My Industry tracker recently that described it as the “attendee journey.” Blogger Robin Gallegos describes the attendee journey as a careful examination of each step the attendees takes as they interact with an event or exhibition.  That’s everything from registration to the follow-up surveys. The first step is registration and according to the author if that [...]

Young professionals deliver unique value to exhibitions

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager The Center for Exhibition Industry Research and SISO has just released another landmark study titled, “2015 Young Professional Exhibitor Needs and Preferences Study.”  The thirty eight page report is packed full of useful information. Here are the five key findings: 98 percent of young exhibitors report that exhibitions deliver unique value that cannot be fulfilled by other marketing or sales channels. Seven out of 10 young exhibitors view the exhi [...]

What are you doing with all the data?

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager At UFI’s recent congress in Bogota, I had the opportunity to attend the researcher’s meeting.  We heard from Christian Druart, UFI’s Research Manager, Ana Maria Arango, Executive Director of AFIDA, Mark Cochrane, UFI’s Asia/Pacific Regional Manager and Dr. Enrica Baccini, Chief Research and Development Officer, Fondazione Fiera Milano. Also sitting in on the meeting was Brian Casey, CEIR’s new CEO and President.  These five groups represent a huge [...]

How secure is iCloud?

Posted byBarry SiskindUFI’s Community Manager In recent news, high profile actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton’s iCloud accounts were hacked and private photographs were posted on the internet. In a post on the author asked the question, “Can you trust iCloud?” It’s an important consideration. So much transpires in the planning, execution and post-exhibition that a breach in security can have a significantly negative affect on our on-going operations and the reputation [...]

The twenty common mistakes organizers make

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager What are the twenty common mistakes organizers make? Click here: [...]