Using the right information to plot your digital path

If UFI’s Global Barometer is anything to go by, then the new year resolutions of many exhibition industry companies will revolve around the digitalisation of their businesses. Driven change Globally, 55 per cent of the companies UFI surveyed said they have already changed internal processes and workflows to be more digital, with the UK, Germany, the US and China most active in this respect, while a quarter of companies reported that they have developed a digital transformation strategy for the w [...]

Building exhibition venues with profit forecasts, not bricks

For anyone who missed UFI's World Map of Exhibition Venues last month, the total amount of exhibition space available around the world grew 7.7% over the last six years, giving organisers more choice in all markets except Central and South America, where venue closure has led to contraction. But while this overall growth does not explicitly refer only to bricks on the ground where none previously existed, it seems to me that we must not fixate only on new venue development. While there are 14 mo [...]

Jochen Witt to deliver his 10th and final Global Industry Review at the UFI Congress

For the past ten consecutive years, Jochen Witt has presented the Global Industry Review at each annual UFI Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa. The annual “State of the Global Industry” presentation is seen by many as the “cannot miss” session of the event. Stephanie Selesnick: Would you share a bit about your upcoming session at the UFI Global Congress in Johannesburg? Jochen Witt: This year, my presentation will be composed of three parts: Global politics and the economies of the most impo [...]

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Creating evolution in The World’s Kitchen

Blogger: Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasat Director, Exhibition and Events Department of TCEB Maintaining a reputation as the 'World's Kitchen' does not come easily, but it is a reputation that Thailand can consider well deserved. Take for example, . Thailand registered US$4.3 billion in food shipments to the US in 2016, an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year. In the first three months of this year alone, the US received US$873 million of food exports from Thailand, the bulk of which comprised ca [...]

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There are two main developments in the exhibition industry right now

Blogger: Dr Andreas Gruchow, UFI President. First, we are experiencing general turbulence: Globally, economic growth has slowed down. Politically, protectionism is on the rise. And operationally, digitisation is driving ever-faster change. Meanwhile, despite challenging news and dark clouds on every continent, the second trend we are seeing is optimism in the exhibition industry. Huge venue investments are underway in all parts of the world, with the economic benefits of our industry being seen [...]

Making the most of our partnership with Myanmar

Blogger: Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasat Director, Exhibition and Events Department of TCEB Myanmar’s growing appetite for products such as premium food and beverages, machinery and luxury items is making our neighbour to the north-west, without doubt, an important market for exhibition organisers in Thailand. Fuelled by the fact that more than a fifth of Myanmar’s population will be middle class by the year 2020, the country’s impact on trade shows – certainly in terms of visitors – in Thailand has ris [...]

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The Value Of Global Exhibition Industry Research

Blogger: Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director Vacation time has ended, and the global trade show calendar shows the beginning of another busy season. Despite difficult times in a number of markets, our industry is growing globally, proving the resilience of the trade show business model. But UFI’s latest Global Barometer also proves once more one of the most common sayings in our industry – that trade show performance follows the developments of the markets they serve. If we’re looking for grow [...]

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An Indonesian Perspective

Blogger: Aage Hansen, President Director Deutsche Messe Venue Operations, Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Indonesia is one of the countries in ASEAN which has great economy impact and massive industrial growth. There are currently over 252 million people in Indonesia, and this country is developing rapidly in many sectors, one of it is the automotive sector. Indonesia is the second-largest car manufacturer in ASEAN after Thailand. And it is predicted that within the next decade, Indonesia [...]

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Building on global promise

Blogger: CATHERINE  BERNARD-DARLET, Communications Director Construction & Agriculture Equipment Business Units, Comexposium Thailand’s capital will soon be the stage for the global construction community, when the second-largest construction machinery and equipment show in the world – Intermat – makes its South East Asian debut. The French organiser of the exhibition, Comexposium, joined forces with Impact Exhibition Management in Bangkok to create an event conceived to set the ASEAN constr [...]

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The power of exhibitions to engage in an ‘always on’ world

Opinion piece – from Joyce Dimascio, Chief Executive of the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) In a world that’s ‘always on’, the landscape has shifted for marketers. Historically, the relationship between a brand and its customers was largely transactional. The lion’s share of the marketing budget went to advertising and the product with the catchiest tag line or most memorable jingle won the day – and ultimately market share. But this has all changed. It’s no longer about w [...]