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The author currently serves as UFI President. For more detail, see here: https://www.ufi.org/about/structure

Letter from the UFI President: April 2024 edition

It’s peak exhibition season still all around the world. So far, our industry seems to be on track to achieve the growth projected by hundreds of you in our latest UFI Global Barometer.

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Letter from the UFI President: February edition

I am writing these lines as I am leaving the beautiful city of Amsterdam, where I spent a few days both with the UFI leadership for our first major meetings of the year and of course for this year’s Global CEO Summit. For me, this week confirmed two beliefs that I hold: UFI is doing very well – and with a little support from all of us it can achieve even more. And: While our industry is doing very well as well, we need to learn a lot for it to stay that way, and we can learn the most from looking at how other industries are tackling problems that are similar to the ones we are facing. Let me focus on this one first.

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Letter from the President

Dear colleagues, dear friends, When you read these lines, we will be four short weeks away from our Global Congress in Las Vegas. I am sure that this will become a most memorable event for each and everyone participating, and for many different reasons. For me personally, it will mark the end of my year in office as your President.

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Letter from the President

I hope many of you had the opportunity to enjoy a little break between the busy seasons our industry is going through again this year. I for my part have returned energised and excited about where we are as an industry right now. Looking at our most recent UFI Global Barometer, it is nothing but astonishing that – give or take a few percentage points – globally and on average we have grown back this quickly to the size we had in 2019 when we look at the industry revenues.

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Letter from the President

This edition of UFI Info goes out just one day before our annual “Global Exhibitions Day”. As you read these lines, colleagues around the world are putting the final touches to their activities and posts for this biggest advocacy day of our industry. Across the time zones – from Auckland in New Zealand to Las Vegas in the US – a flurry of on site and online activities will hit local venues and social media alike...

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Letter from the President

When following all the dynamic developments around our industry in recent months, the phrase “from zero to hero” comes to my mind. The speed with which we have raced out of the pandemic slump… our business model confirmed, our purpose revigorated, our colleagues giving it all to serve our customers… what a pace. What an experience to live through.

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