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Update from the CEO: April 2024 edition

Four years ago, in March and April, Europe went into lockdown as COVID shut down public life – and our industry. In the past few days, I have been following a number of media reports and expert reviews on what we all have learned from the pandemic: how countries and societies managed to get through the waves of infections, how industries dealt with it and recovered, what we have learned from it, and what changes it has brought.

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Letter from the UFI President: April 2024 edition

It’s peak exhibition season still all around the world. So far, our industry seems to be on track to achieve the growth projected by hundreds of you in our latest UFI Global Barometer.

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Social Impact from Exhibition Industry Generate ROX in a New Dimension

The MICE Industry has played an important part in leading the economic impact of business travel. Namely, TCEB is continuously leading the MICE industry in Asia by embryonic development with Social Impact studies and calculation of Social Impact from the MICE industry - Social Impact may be interpreted as any changes people make with the intention to solve social challenges or deliberate attempts to effect positive change.  

Update from the CEO: March edition

A few days ago, I could catch up with Amy Saleh, Operations Director at Hannover Fairs Australia. We were both attending the AIME show in Melbourne and chatted for half an hour about the state of the industry in Australia. Now, Amy has been a member of our 2023 Class of “Next Generation Leaders” and together with her colleagues Otero from the UK, Elizabeth from the US, Tehchad from Thailand, and Aya from Egypt, have presented their ideas for a new blueprint for exhibition operations a few months back at our Global Congress in Las Vegas.

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The food industry in the exhibition industry: from niche to the future

The food industry in the exhibition sector has been undergoing significant growth in Asia, where the culinary scene is vibrant and diverse. This growth is driven by various factors, such as increasing consumer demand for diverse culinary experiences, rising interest in food sustainability and innovation, the globalisation of food cultures, and the popularity of food-related events and festivals.

How Culture Contributes to Return on Experience  

Trade exhibitions generate return on investment (ROI), creating business value and economic growth for Thailand. However, as the industry evolves, there is a noticeable shift in priorities. Beyond financial metrics, there is a growing recognition of the importance of emotional experiences and creating a Return on Experience (ROE) that goes beyond the tangible.

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Is the industry truly back yet? Or where are we actually headed…

For many of us event organizers, venue managers, service providers, or even just event attendees and exhibitors, taking that first step back into an exhibition or conference hall felt like coming home. And in the past few years, the excitement and thrill of once again meeting-up with old colleagues and business partners face-to-face can give the illusion that everything is “back to normal” and “business is as usual”.

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