Decarbonisation of energy is a daunting environmental issue, but not an unsolvable one. In theory, it seems like the changes may have to come from big players, especially when it is debatable whether or not the global market is a capitalist economy. Yet, in reality, every action counts, and every country has to push for change. The global shift towards Net Zero emissions is gaining momentum, driven by increasing demand for ethical and sustainable practices. Businesses that embrace renewable energy technologies are poised for significant growth, reflecting a broader trend towards sustainability in the global market

In the MICE sector, stakeholders such as venues, hotels, and event organizers are crucial in promoting decarbonisation. Strategies include adopting sustainable infrastructure, green technologies, and efficient waste management systems. Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) plays a pivotal role in supporting these efforts, aiming to create an ecosystem of the MICE industry so that all can contribute to society as a whole, such as certified hotels or venues with several MICE STANDARDS to bring the Thai MICE industry to international standards.

Thailand’s economy, dominated by manufacturing, tourism, and natural resources, underscores the importance of energy access, particularly for sectors like agriculture, which heavily impact the country’s GDP. Exhibitions such as Thai Water Expo 2024 and Boilex Asia & Pump and Valves Asia 2024 are highlighted as crucial platforms for showcasing innovations in water and energy management, essential for advancing smart-farming practices and overall energy. Upcoming events like ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024 and Electric Vehicle Asia 2024, hosted at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, are pivotal in connecting stakeholders and driving the transition to Net Zero. These events facilitate dialogue among industry leaders, fostering advancements in sustainable technologies and practices.

In conclusion, while decarbonising energy poses significant challenges, collaborative efforts across sectors are pivotal in achieving tangible progress. MICE industry, bolstered by TCEB’s support, emerges as a linchpin for promoting sustainable development and energy efficiency in Thailand and beyond. Collectively, these efforts underscore the feasibility of transitioning to a Net Zero economy through innovation and shared commitment to environmental responsibilities.