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Update from the CEO: May 2022 – Forging Ahead

Dear colleagues,   I am just off a call where a colleague, sounding equally excited and exhausted, shared the results from a show they had run in the past days in Europe. I sensed the pride, and the emotions, and could congratulate on the success (more buyers than at the last show pre-pandemic!). We ended the call, and I noticed that I had gotten goosebumps.   In this month on May, leading up to our 7th Global Exhibitions Day, we are an industry that – in most parts of the world – is b [...]

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Update from the CEO: April 2022

Dear colleagues, dear UFI members,   Going through the current activities, it struck me this week that, despite all the challenging circumstances around the world, the UFI team is out again in full force, being in touch with you, our members, face to face at shows, industry events, and in meetings – from Argentina to Thailand, and from the US to the UAE, to give just a few examples. From March to May, UFI organizes its regional conferences around the world. While gatherings still look a bit [...]

Update from the CEO: March 2022

Dear colleagues, There is a lot of positive momentum right now regarding our industry’s recovery from the pandemic, even as we are faced with war: the days are getting longer, and spring is just around the corner in the northern hemisphere. At the same time, COVID-19 restrictions across Europe and North America are being rolled back as the Omicron wave has peaked – ending many long, dark months. In most parts of the world, we have markets open again and shows running. When you receive this UFI I [...]

Update from the CEO: February 2022

This month, we are releasing two new editions of UFI’s regular global research projects: The biannual “Global Exhibition Industry Barometer” and the new “World Map of Venues”. Research is one of UFI’s four major lines of activity, as since 2015 we have been able to significantly extend and expand the insights we produce for you, our members. Hundreds of exhibition businesses around the world share insights and data with us twice a year for the barometer. Launched during the financial crisis of 2 [...]

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5 Trends to watch in 2022

These are “in between” times. After a catastrophic 2020, our industry saw more reason to be hopeful in 2021. This year, we saw markets starting to re-open around the world - but not the full reopening we had hoped for, as we continue to be challenged by new waves and new variants of COVID. We are still facing an outlook of “stop and go” for show organisers – the most difficult situation possible for our industry. But as we head towards the end of the year, we have passed a remarkable tipping poi [...]

Update from the CEO: November 2021

Dear colleagues, I am just back from Rotterdam, from this year’s Global Congress. What a week this has been! You will find updates and brief summaries throughout this edition of UFI Info, so I will not summarise the sessions, decision, or discussions here. What I want to share is the fact that, in the end, and despite all pandemic challenges and complications, we were a 350 people strong UFI community coming together face-to-face at the Ahoy Convention Centre, and that we indeed all felt the pow [...]

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Update from the CEO: October 2021

Dear colleagues, I am writing these lines as I have just arrived in Singapore for a few days, where we will have a joint meeting of top representatives from the AEO, SISO, SACEOS, and UFI, to align around initiatives and projects going forward. We have built a packed programme for this “Joint Leadership Summit” – around industry dialogue and advocacy. We will meet with representatives from countries across South East Asia, to push for a realignment of travel protocols and procedures. The events [...]

Update from the CEO: September 2021

Dear colleagues, as the summer is drawing to a close here in Europe, the UFI team is back at full strength – and also increasingly back in our office in Paris! It’s been an unusually wet summer across Central Europe – not the only part of the world that encounters changing weather. Be it forest fires and heatwaves, Hurricane Ida slamming New Orleans in the US, flooding washing away whole parts of cities in Germany – humans have already heated the planet by roughly 1.1 degrees Celsius, or 2 degre [...]

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We are in unchartered territory with a global pandemic disrupting lives and livelihoods. But, with successful trials paving the way for mass vaccinations, with better knowledge around COVID-19 and faster and more efficient testing schemes available, we are finding ways to live with and ultimately manage this virus. The tide is turning. As we head towards 2021, the UFI team has – as every year – put together five trends that we believe will drive our industry’s development over the next 12 to 18 [...]

IFA Berlin: first post-COVID Global Consumer Electronics trade fair opened its doors!

A small summary of the first day of international consumer electronics show IFA at Messe Berlin, as trade shows and exhibitions are taking place again in Germany as of September. Remember: The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was the first major exhibition in Europe that got cancelled as the COVID virus spread around the continent this spring. In the US, SXSW as well has been cancelled, and the Consumer Electronics Show has already announced it will be all digital in 2021. IFA is the only phys [...]

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