UFI Award Winning Education Initiative features at the UFI Open Seminar in Asia

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager On March 6 and 7 UFI will be holding its Open Seminar in Asia. The seminar will be held in Bangalore, India. The theme this year is, “Exhibitions: A puzzle with Changing Pieces. The line up of speakers will be discussing many thought-provoking topics from trends to issues around health and safety. Stanley Chu, founder and Chairman of Hong Kong based Asdale Exhibitions will be sharing with the audience the ins and outs of Asdale’s UFI Award Winning [...]

New Year wishes

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager During the past year we have looked at issues that affect our industry, met the people who have shared their wisdom at UFI’s events and taken an in-depth look at some of our leaders. It has been an incredible year. This is the last post of 2013 and as we embark on a brand new year I want to take this opportunity to wish all of our followers a healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2014. [...]

Suitcasing and Outboarding – Creative Solutions for a Persistent Problem

Posted by Barry Siskind UFIs Community Manager Some call it outright thievery when attendees who haven’t paid to exhibit attempt to solicit business from other attendees. The IAEE calls this “Suitcasing.” “Outboarding” is another unethical act where individuals and corporations hold events that are not part of the trade fair agenda such as parties, hospitality suites, offsite demonstrations and even entire tradeshows, capitalizing on the organizers time and effort assembling highly targeted atte [...]

IAEE’s Future Trends in Exhibitions

Posted by Barry Siskind UFIs Community Manager As the calendar year end quickly approaches, pundits and soothsayers are busy scratching their heads developing what they envision as the trends of the future. One such list was recently published by the International Association of Exhibition and Events (IAEE) and their Future Trends Taskforce. The Taskforce is comprised of business leaders around the world and this year their thirteen challenges our industry will face in the future include: 1. A b [...]

Ravinder Sethi helps unravel the mysteries of India

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager India holds tremendous potential for the exhibition industry. However, the country and people are pulled by two forces: they are steeped in tradition and coping with the demands of a rapidly growing middle class. One of the best sources of information about this growing marketplace is Ravinder Sethi who founded and heads R.E. Rogers India, a logistics firm based in India that is heavily involved in exhibitions and events. Ravinder is the focus of o [...]

Lessons learned from COP17

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager In 1992, the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCC) formed to address the global issues of climate change. The participating countries were those who had adopted the Kyoto Protocol. Each year UNFCC and its members meet to discuss the implementation of the Protocols. In 2011, COP17 was held in Durban, South Africa. Justin Hawes, who is the Managing Director for Scan Display also managed the South African Climate Change Response Expo (CCR [...]

Shifting the business model

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager Valerii Pekar President of Ukraine’s Euroindex will be joining Christian Glasmacher, Senior Vice President of Koelmesse and UFI Managing Director Paul Woodward in a discussion at UFI’s Congress in Seoul., titled Tomorrow’s Exhibition. While the topic is broad the content is sure to be compelling. One of the benefits of UFILive.org is that we don’t have to wait until November for a sneak preview. Here are some of Pekar’s thoughts. Barry: What do you [...]

Trendsetter Magnus Lindkvist to open this year’s Congress in Seoul, Korea

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager Magnus Lindkvist is an internationally recognized author and speaker. He is also the opening speaker at UFI’s Congress in Seoul, Korea. Magnus has written three books; “Everything We Know Is Wrong”, “The Attack of the Unexpected” and “When The Future Begins” and based on his years of research will challenge our way of thinking about the future. In advance of UFI’s Seoul Congress on November 13 – 16, I caught up with Magnus to ask him a few question [...]

Jochen Witt’s Global Industry Review

Posted by Barry Siskind UFIs Community Manager For the past several years, one of the most eagerly anticipated presentations at UFI’s Annual Congress is Jochen Witt’s “Global Industry Review.” Not only is his analysis thought-provoking, his manner of presenting a statistical overview is riveting. To give our followers a sneak preview of what is awaiting them in Seoul, I asked Jochen a few questions that pertain to this year’s presentation. Barry: What are the lessons we will learn from this year [...]

What would you do?

Posted by Barry Siskind UFI’s Community Manager A popular game people play is called “what if.” It begins with a fantasy and ends with speculations on what you would do if that fantasy were to come true. Folks who participate in lotteries play “what if” all the time. Without getting into the wisdom of investing in lotteries, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to play “what if” with your exhibition planning. My question is how you would invest $100,000 in marketing if, by some fluke; y [...]